Maker of the Month - Freya Im

Our July maker of the month is the fabulous Freya Im ! Freya makes beautiful brass jewellery that’s stylish, playful and a little bit cheeky…

Face pin, shape & face earrings , pressed grumps medallion

Face pin, shape & face earrings , pressed grumps medallion


I was inspired by growing up with a creative Mammy, she didn’t study art and has never called herself an artist but she has an innate curiosity, a sense of style and a will to work with her hands that I have inherited. She was always getting me and my pals around the kitchen table to make ivy crowns, marzipan fruits, origami, dolls house props - all sorts! 

When I’m creating I’m in my natural habitat, I love the frenzied moments when ideas are flowing freely and you just MUST put pen to paper, saw to metal and make make make. When I hit on something that works it’s a total high.

At the moment I’m inspired by Children’s books , especially ones from the 60s and 70s. Simplistic, riso-printed, line drawings and round bold typefaces. I follow a blog called Stopping off Place which is a great source for these kinds of books, there’s something really poetic about the pages presented out of the context of the narrative and the very simplified forms being illustrated. I would highly recommend a look through their archives!

Jumping Beans  by Judith Martin & Remy Charlip, 1963 (Scholastic, 1969)

Jumping Beans by Judith Martin & Remy Charlip, 1963 (Scholastic, 1969)


I wasn’t all that encouraged by my art grades at High School and was so desperate to leave school early that I leapt into an art foundation college course without giving it much thought. It was a great course of really uninhibited making with wonderful mad tutors who treated us like adults. From there I applied almost at random for lots of different disciplines at various art schools.  I got into the Glasgow school of art to do interior design but it soon became apparent it wasn’t tactile enough for me, so a switch to jewellery and silversmithing occurred - again almost at random!

By the time I graduated I had pretty much sworn off jewellery and couldn’t see myself returning to it but over the last 3 years I’ve found a way to make my practise something I relish. 

Freya in her Glasgow studio

Freya in her Glasgow studio


it’s the reaction to my jewellery that I treasure the most, people often tell me that my pieces are the most remarked upon items they own. I hear tales of them sparking conversations, making men in suits uncomfortable (nudey earrings mostly) and being worn for months on end. It’s honestly the most humbling, amazing thing to think that I’ve brought anyone a giggly moment or put a little swagger in their stride even just for a day.

Chloe in the front and back earrings - available in ÒR

Chloe in the front and back earrings - available in ÒR

Jen Carter Pearson